Telemedicine for Africa

The potential of telemedicine is particularly significant in countries where specialists are few, and where distances and the quality of the infrastructure hinder the movement of physicians and patients. Most if not all of the African countries, and in particular, large and scarcely populated ones, are confronted with these problems. The usefulness and risks of these new ICT channels must be assessed and promoted. There is little published material on telemedicine applications, although there is a significant investment in ICT technologies in developing countries. Participants are invited to share prior experiences in the field and the lessons learned.

The workshop will provide current e status and future government plans for development of e-Health space and telemedicine in African countries. The topics will include trends & developments, growth drivers and major challenges. The meetingwill also serve as a benchmark for players who wish to capitalize on the market potential in Africa by providing information on success and failure case studies and optimal business model in the continent.

Key Topics to be Covered

  • Current status for telemedicine in Africa
  • Current E-Health initiatives on country level
  • Investment requirements for telemedicine in Africa
  • Trends and Developments, and Challenges in Africa E-Health sector
  • Government Plans
  • Success case studies
  • Recommendations for Optimal Working Model


Special session: 16.30-19.00 Telemedicine FOR AFRICA 

Chairs: Yunkap Kwankam/Frederic Lievens

16.30 Telemedicine Societies in African Countries: Andy Fischer / Yunkap Kwankam
16:40 Health-Tech Solutions for Africa: Octavio Déniz
17:00 Moroccan Digital egov strategy for Health: Samia Chakri
17:10 Telemedicine in Morocco: Hassan Ghazal
17 :20 La télémédecine dans le paysage politique de la santé marocain: Samir Kaddar
17:40 Telemedicine in Mali: Ousmane Ly
17:50 Telemedicine in South Africa: Mars Maurice
18 :00 The Need for a Telemedicine Strategy for Botswana: Benson Ncube
18:10 eHealth and Telemedicine in Poland & join projects with Africa: Piotr Skarzynski
18:20 eHealth National policies and strategies in developing Countries: Najeeb Shorbaji
18:40 Add the – Healthcare Information for All (HIFA) – an Introduction Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer
18:40-19.00 General Discussion: Building an African Telemedicine Network


Chair : Pr. Hassan Ghazal
Cochair : Dr. Samir Kaddar
Cochair : Mr. Abdrahman Elkafil


Dr. Samir Kaddar :
Mr. AbdrahmanElkafil