Technical Program

Wednesday, December 6
08.00 Welcome and Registration
Morning Satellite Workshops
9.00 to 12.00 SW1: Digital Health SW2 : GNU Health SW3: Bioinformatics
Room Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Chairs S. Moustakim
S. El Kasmi
A. Elkafil
S. Chaqsar
Part I Part I Part I
10.30 Coffee Break
Part II Part II Part II
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Introductory Keynotes: Keynote Session 1
14.00 KS1 : Al Shorbaji Najeeb : eHealth National Policies (Pdf)
14.20 KS2 : O Ferrer-Roca : Humanization of Healthcare-H2O
14.40 KS3 : Ahmed Zakiuddin : Connected Health – Uberization of Healthcare
15.00 Cofee Break
15.30 Opening Ceremony (Chairs : Pr. Hassan Ghazal / Pr. Ouldim Karim)
  • Prof. Hassan Ghazal, Chair, FPN/UMP, MSfTeH/ISfTeH
  • Prof. Karim Ouldim, CoChair, UM6SS, Casablanca
  • Dr. Andy Fisher, President of the ISfTeH
  • Dr. Chakib Nejjari, President of the UM6SS
  • Prof. Abdelkhalek Legssyer, Vice-President, UMP, Oujda
  • Prof. Ali Azdi Moussa, Dean, Pluridisciplinary Faculty of Nador
  • Prof. Abdelkrim BAHLAOUI, Dean of The School od Medicine, UM6SS, Casablanca
  • Prof. Samir Ahid, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, UM6SS, Casablanca
  • Prof. Fatima Dehbi, Dean of the School of Sciences and Health Professions, UM6SS, Casablanca
  • Dr. Samir Kaddar, President of the Association of Moroccan Physicians Abroad (C3M), Belgium
  • Mrs. Samia Chakri, Director, Maroc Digital, Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy
  • Dr. Ahmed Boudak, Director of the Hospitals, MoH
  • Prof. Abderrahman Maaroufi, Director, DELM, MoH
  • Dr. Najeeb Al Shorbaji, Former Director, WHO, Knowledge Sharing Department
  • Mr. Anouar Yadini, President, Moroccan Association of Medical Materials Distributors
  • Prof. Youssef El Fakir, President of the Moroccan Society of Radiology/Vice President of the Moroccan Federation of the Medical Imagery and Interventional radiology
  • Prof. Francesco Sicurello, President, EMMIT/IITM
  • Dr. Dan Gerendasy, Chief officer, International Cooperation, US NLM/NIH
  • Prof. Mohamed Benlemlih, Dean, Faculty of Sciences, Fes
  • Mr. El Hassan Lemallem, Director, School of Information Sciences, Rabat
  • Arch. Pierapolo Saporito, President of OCCAM – UN affiliated
  • Dr. Ahmed Zakiuddin, former President, eHealth Pakistani Association
  • Dr. Ousmane Ly, General Director, National Agency for Telehealth and Medical Informatics, Ministry of Health, Mali
  • Dr. Luis Falco, President, GNU Health Solidario
  • Dr. Hanae Cherradi, Vice-President of the Moroccan Society of Telemedicine and eHealth
  • Prof. Mohammed Bennani Othmani, President of the Moroccan Society of Medical Informatics
  • Dr. Robin OHANNESSIAN, Director, Telemédecine 360, France
  • Mr. Saad Chaabi, President, International Federation of Medical Students (IFMSA)-Morocco
  • Prof. Peter Tonellato, Director, Lab for Personalized Medicine, Harvard Medical School, USA
17.00 Keynote Session 2
KS4: Mr. Frank Lievens: Telemedicine Where are we?

KS5: Dr. Eric Bacon: The Evolution of Telemedicine Technology

18.00 Reception
Thursday, December 7, Morning
Session I Health Information Systems- intelligent Systems- mobile Health
KeyNote session 3 – Chairs : Francesco Sicurello/Abdellatif El Ouahabi
09.00 KS6: Francesco Sicurello: Trends in eHealth and telemedicine
09.30 KS7: Anissa Berbich : Apps for Health
09.50 KS8: Mustapha Zghoumi: eHealth as major component for national digital Strategy
10.20 KS9: Abdellatif El Ouahabi : Telemedicine and intellectual property
10:30 Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions
Room Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Session I S1.1 Health InfoSyst Intelligent Systems Mobile Health
Chairs Luis falcon

Samia chakri

Francesco Sicurello

Abdelaziz Bousfiha

Adolfo Sparenberg

Faisal Abdelmoula


Room 1:

Session I.1: Medical Data Bases and Health Information Systems

(ChairS: Luis Falcon /Samia Chakri)

1) Blockchain Technology in Healthcare-Step forward into healthcare interoperability with IoT distributed data

Dean Rakic
Integrating heterogeneous health records (Pdf)
Sanae Maazouz
3) Towards Interoperable Health Records

Juha Puustjärvi/Leena Puustjärvi
4) eHealth Interoperability Challenges and opportunities for Botswana integrated patient management system (IPMS)

Kagiso Ndlovu
Information system for a National newborn screening program
Kamal Marzouki/ Souad Chaqsar
6) Moroccan Colon Cancer Database

Souad Chaqsar/ Imane Allali
Room 2
Session I.2: intelligent Systems and e-Health

ChairS: Francesco Sicurello/ABDelAziz BousFiha)

A new approach for diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy
Kaoutar Lamrini Ouahabi/Mohamed Atounti
) Using the Haddon Matrix to Understand the Role of Disaster e-Health
Richard Scott/Maurice Mars
9) Selfie Telemedicine: A Review of the Future?

Maurice Mars
10) The Development of an Evidence-Based Teledermatology Scale-Up Framework and Roadmap

Laticha Walters
11) Security Concerns in the Use of Instant Messaging in Healthcare

Chris Morr
12) Telemedicine: Let us have to worry about the consequences of cyber attacks?

Andre Petitet
Data security and encryption of patient data transferred using the example of mobile devices and diabetes
Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer
14) Primary Immunodeficiencies on smartphone: A new app for PID Classification
Leila jeddane / Aziz Bousfiha

Laila Chiadmi-García
Room 3
Session I.3:Telemedicine and mobile Health (ChairS: Adolfo Sparenberg /Faisal Abdelmoula)

Utilization of mobile short message service to enhance uptake of focused ante natal care among rural women
Eliphas Gitonga
Mobile Health Apps for mental and physical disabilities
Hayat Sedrati
17) Childbearing women’s perception about the use of mHealth for mental health information in rural communities, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Titilayo Odetola
18) Telehealth Nursing Research – Review of Literature 2017
Claudia Bartz
Mobile Teledermatology in Sudan
Faisal M. Fadlelmola
A mixed methods systematic review of success factors of mhealth and telehealth for maternal health in Sub-Saharan Africa
Mohamed Ali Ag Ahmed
A Systematic Review of Patients Adoption of mHealth in the Developing World. A Proposed Model
Michael Addotey-Delove
Thursday, December 7, Afternoon
14.00-16.00 Startathon –Devices & Telemonitoring – FELSI in Telemed
Room Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Session II Startathon SII.1 Telemonitoring SII.2 FELSI
Content website below below
Chairs El Kafil






Room 2:  14.00-16.00 Session II.1 : Devices, Telemonitoring, and e-Care (Chairs: K. OULDIM/ Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer)

22) A mobile tele-ECG strategy providing assistance to geriatric, outpatient and prison units in pelotas – Brazil
Adolfo Sparenberg
23) Awareness of Nurses Towards Information Communication (TeleNursing) in Patient Care in Federal Teaching Hospital Ido-Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria

Paul I. Sunmbola
24) eHealth, mobile devices and diabetes

Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer
Utilization of mobile short message service to enhance uptake of focused ante natal care among rural women
Eliphas Gitonga,
Bring in the Drones: The potentials and the perils
Pammla Petucka and Sandra Bassendowski
27) Vigisense solutions for real-time monitoring of care needs and care provision

Lotfi Machraoui

28) Telemedicine: A Value Proposition business model
Michele Griffith
29) Toward Measuring the Network Effect of the Regional Medical Information System

Masatsugu Tsuji
30) Legal challenges of Cross Border Telemedicine between Morocco and the European Union

Ikram Ganetri/Hassan Ghazal
31) Exploring factors associated with the uneven utilization of telemedicine in Norway: a mixed methods study

Hassane Alami
32) Knowledge, Skills and Practices of Information and Communication Technology among Public Health Midwives in Hambantota district, Sri Lanka

J.L.P. Chaminda
The Facebook strategy for Global ehealth: evidence from social media pages of two televangelical churches targeting patients with chronic illnesses
Charles Mpofu
34) A Framework for Successful mHealth Adoption in Developing Countries by Health Workers. A Systematic Review

Michael Addotey-Delove
16.00 Coffee Break
Special session: 16.30-19.00 Telemedicine FOR AFRICA 

Chairs: Yunkap Kwankam/Frederic Lievens

16.30 Telemedicine Societies in African Countries: Andy Fischer / Yunkap Kwankam
16:40 Health-Tech Solutions for Africa: Octavio Déniz
17:00 Moroccan Digital egov strategy for Health: Samia Chakri
17:10 Telemedicine in Morocco: Hassan Ghazal
17 :20 La télémédecine dans le paysage politique de la santé marocain: Samir Kaddar
17:40 Telemedicine in Mali: Ousmane Ly
17:50 Telemedicine in South Africa: Mars Maurice
18 :00 The Need for a Telemedicine Strategy for Botswana (Pdf)Benson Ncube
18:10 eHealth and Telemedicine in Poland & join projects with Africa: Piotr Skarzynski
18:20 eHealth National policies and strategies in developing Countries (Pdf)Najeeb Shorbaji
18:40 Add the – Healthcare Information for All (HIFA) – an Introduction Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer
18:40-19.00 General Discussion: Building an African Telemedicine Network
20.00 social dinner
Friday, December 8
Education – Teleconsultation – National Programs
Keynote session 4 : ChairS: Andre PetiteT/AdoLPHO
09.00 KS09 : Luis Falcon: GNU Health
09:30 KS10 : Fatima Rashid Al Ali: Telemedicine in UAE and The Experience of Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center
10:00 KS11 : Peter Tonellato: Big data in Public Health
10:30 KS12: Andre Petitet: The “JUMP” !!!
10.30 Coffee break
Session VII: Parallel sessions 11: 12:30 (Room 1 Room 2 and Room 3)
Room Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Session III S3,1. Education S3.2. Teleconsultation S3.3 National Programs
Chairs Pirkko.Kouri

Dan Gerendasy

Chakib Nejjari

Andy Fisher

Yunkap Kwankam

Najeeb Shorbaji

11. 12:30 SIII.1. Education in Telemedicine
Room 1
35) Nursing education based on “hybrid” problem-based learning

Paulo Marques, Nuno Correia
36) Dentistry in the Digital Age: Student Opinions and Perspectives on e-learning

Rodrigo Marino
37) The opinion of Polish nurses about introduction electronical tools in the daily practice

Dorota Kilańska
38) mLearning as medical eduction
platform for Medical Residents in Sudan
Amar Hamdi
39) Curriculum Development in eHealth

Dan Gerendasy
39) Master’s and bachelor’s programme in health informatics
at the University of Deggendorf (DIT) for international students

Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer
11. 12:30 SIII.2. Teleconsultation
Room 2
)Telecardiology : Contribution of robotic arm tele-operated during interventional procedure of ablation
Sahar Mouram
41) Telecardiology: Democratizing access to cardiac care

Samir Kaddar
The Use of Telemedicine for Patients Needing Organ Transplantation: Barriers and Facilitators
Mary Heekin
National Network of Teleaudology in Clinical Pracise – Telefitting in CI users
Piotr Henryk Skarzynski
44) Hearing screening in school age children in different African countries

Piotr Henryk Skarzynski
44-Bis) Technologic organizational support for health. Example of health’s territory “Alpes du Sud”

Alberto Lazzero
11. 12:30 Session III.3: National Programs IN TELEMEDICINE and Ehealth (Chairs: Hossain MossaFA/ I. GANETRI )


Room 3
45) Portuguese National Centre of TeleHealth: Mapping stakeholders’ telehealth knowledge, practice and expectations

Micaela Seemann Monteiro
46) Exploring factors associated with the uneven utilization of telemedicine in Norway: a mixed methods study

Hassane Alami
47) Needs and requirement analysis of health professionals in rural areas – opportunities and barriers for the implementation of eHealth solutions in Figuig / Morocco

Lucy Meyer
48) Canada’s Tele-Pediatric Intensive Care Unit multi-Site Program: Effectiveness of tele-consultation on Children admitted to Remote Pediatric Inpatient Unit

Mahmoud Nadar
49) Applications of Open Government Data in Perinatal Healthcare

Chia-Hui Lee
50) An Evaluation of Framework Constructs Intended For Use In Botswana and other Developing Countries for e-Health Readiness Assessment

Leonard Mauco
12.30 Lunch
14:00 Closing Ceremony : General Discussion and Recommendations
15:00 END OF THE CONFERENCE and Social Program 2