Hotel reservation

The Organizers of the conference have negotiated special room prices for the conference attendees in Casablanca’s city centre hotels. The hotel fees, listed below, are on a Bed & Breakfast Basis, include VAT and expressed in Euro. Prices are subject to change according to the Euro/Dirham exchange rate on the day of reservation.

Hotel Price/room/night
Single occupancy double/twin occupancy
Novotel  4*(0 km) 115 euro 135 euro
ibis city center 3* 75 euro 82 euro
Oum palace 4* 80 euro 100 euro
Farah Casablanca 5* 110 euro 110 euro
Diwan 4* 90 euro 100 euro
Best western Toubkal 95 euro 115 euro

For all additional information about hotel reservation, please contact Youness Ibrahimi, Director of “Y&Y For Events” travel agency, at +2120663484982 or by email:

If you still have questions or issues please contact the Organizing Committee via our contact page Contact us