GNU Health

GNU Health is a Free/Libre project for health practitioners, health institutions and governments. It provides the functionality of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Management (HMIS) and Health Information System (HIS).

Its modular design allows to be deployed in many different scenarios: from small private offices, to large, national public health systems.

GNU Health counts with a growing, committed and friendly international community, that brings the best from the social, biological, medical and computer science fields.


  • Introduction to GNU Health. Mission and vision
  • Architecture: operating systems, databases and ERP (Tryton)
  • File system and user administration; operating system, database and users
  • Module concept
  • Introduction to Savannah: GNU Health Development Environment
  • Translation and localization portal
  • Download and install the development version of GNU Health
  • Main modules and functionality
  • Implementing GNU Health in a Health Center
  • Parametrization of GNU Health
  • Questions and Answers / debate
Wednesday, December 6 (Room2)
9.00 to 10.30 Part I
10.30 to 12.00 Part II


Registration deadline & Fees

-Early Registration deadline: November 15th, 2017

-Registration fees: 

Early Late
Students Non-students Students Non-students
30 Euro 50 Euro 40 Euro 70 Euro

Key Speakers

Luis Falcón, M.D., B.Sc, holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the California State University (USA) and in Medicine from IUCS, Buenos Aires (Argentina). Dr Falcon is a social, animal rights and free software activist. He is the founder of GNU Solidario, a nonprofit organization that delivers Health and Education with Free Software. Dr. Falcon is the author of GNU Health, the award ¬winning Free/Libre Health and Hospital Information System. He currently lives in the Canary Islands, Spain.


Abdrahman Elkafil


Chair: Abdrahman Elkafil
Cochair: Luis Falcón Martín
Cochair: Souad Chaqsar