I am from the course that is lost on the roulette table

 Roulette – happy sadness. 

I have read some stories about the gamblers who defeated the roulette, but I never copied their success. I tried the roulette system that can be found and searched for the offset wheel. I have not tried the job, I have been working hard. Trying to gamble Della roulette, but this pleasure has sacrificed money. This is a list of 7 courses I have lost a few years from the roulette table. If you learn from your mistake, it can save you a lot of money. 

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1 – The roulette system is fool gold. 

I like the roulette system. I like to study them, test them, and develop them. This is the worst thing that any roulette player can do. Each roulette system can win it. Maximum roulette schemes are sold, so they have some sales pitch or sales page, trying to convince how much they have. These sales betting uses fuzzy mathematics as facts to convince you to buy the system. There are dozens of systems with roulette gambling. But they all have a common point. The roulette system is fool gold. Some roulette systems seem to have worked for a while. You may have a short time, but in the end, they have collapsed. I have to learn this from experience. You can skip all times and lose by the learning experience. I have tested each roulette system https://www.vic996.com/my/en-us/blog/mybet88-review for many years. I have developed a few roulette systems I have never seen before. But I have never tested it in long run. Most roulette systems have lost more than you just insist on direct bets.

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2 – The bias roulette does not exist. 

The only way to defeat the roulette for a long time is to find a biased roulette. The bias roulette cassette is exceeded, and it is more frequently in part of the wheel than other numbers. In other words, the bias wheel casher does not produce a truly random result. If you can identify a roulette wheel that does not produce a real random result, you can develop strategies for creating long-term profits. As a simple example, if you identify a wheelbarrow cast wheel, each 36 rotation per 36 rotation exceeds 1, you only need to be gamble once every time you rotate and make money. On the wheels with 37 spaces, the random result is a ball that is 37 rotating each available number 1. When you make the right bet on a biased roulette wheel, this is a mathematical fact, that is, you can win the mybet88 victory for a long time. The problem is that it is almost impossible to find a biased roulette wheel. If you find 1, the casino will figure out the wheel biased and replace it very quickly. The biased roulette wheel is so rare, which is not worth it, trying to find 1 time and energy.


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